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VPICS Broadcast

Below is an exciting announcement from WaudWare Incorporated.

We are thrilled to be sharing our plan for the development of the next generation of the Produce Industry Control System (known as PICS), and are anxious to hear your feedback.


F. Charles Waud


WaudWare Incorporated

VPICS - Overview

WaudWare Incorporated is pleased to announce a major product development initiative. Our intention is to completely re-write our Produce Inventory Control System, known as PICS.

VPICS (current code name) will be a state of the art modular accounting application containing all the requirements for a typical distribution company. It will support different databases on the backend (i.e. VFP, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MYSQL, etc.) and multiple languages (English, French, Spanish etc.) in the user interface.

Microsoft has recently made significant new senior management commitments to VFP and as such, our intention is to write VPICS in Microsoft's Visual Foxpro (VFP). This is also because of our 13+ years of experience, expertise, and the knowledge that VFP will continue to be a powerful development tool.

VPICS will be designed to be easily enhanced and customized to meet the ever-changing needs of its users. WaudWare has a reputation for taking the time to thoroughly understand customer needs, while delivering solid products, along with efficient and complete technical support.

Customer benefits are about saving time and money. Investing in VPICS will yield immediate returns since our new software will be:

  • More compatible with newer versions of MS Windows
  • More easily modified
  • Easier ability for user defined reporting
  • Operational in any language
  • More specific to their needs

Given the total flexibility of VPICS, it will be a solid base upon which to run a business indefinitely. The product will be constantly enhanced to meet new requirements. It is our plan to keep this product up to date through the latest enhancements in programming theory and practice.

We plan on involving some of our existing PICS customers in the development of this new product. We will also invite companies from other types of distribution (beyond produce) to participate in the design and alpha/beta testing.

Now the only question is, will you join us?
To reach someone at WaudWare Incorporated please call (905) 846-9737 or contact us.

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